We consider every piece of our mithai a masterpiece that reflects our dedication to quality, creativity, and tradition. Experience the art of sweet-making at its finest with our exquisite and stunningly beautiful mithai.
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Family Tradition

our story

Tracing our roots back to Persia, starting in the 1550s, our ancestors served as the royal sweet makers for the Mughal Emperor Humayun, who prized our specialty, “Habshi Halwa.” Thereafter, S. Abdul Khaliq’s ancestors came to be the official halwa makers for the Mughal emperors for over 300 years!
Our offerings were deemed so spectacularly tasteful that the Mughal emperor – Humayun crowned S. Abdul Khaliq the official royal sweet maker and our halwa so exquisite that only the Mughal royalty ever got to taste it.
Later, in 1835, we opened our first shop at Ghanta Ghar in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, to share our offerings with the rest of the world. Our recipes have been handed down through the generations, from Abdul Ghafoor to Abdul Hameed to Sheikh Abdul Khaliq, whom the third generation now proudly represents.
Following partition, our flagship store was opened in downtown Saddar in Karachi in 1947. In the present day, we have been proudly serving our customers for over three decades in Karachi at our one of its kind branch in Clifton est. 1995.
Being the oldest sweet makers in the subcontinent, we strive to provide our customers with the authentic S. Abdul Khaliq experience.
This is what makes S. Abdul Khaliq so special, and you, our royal customers!

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  1. 1555-1835

    Official Shahi Halwai for the Mughal emperor for over 300 years
  2. 1835-1880

    S.Abdul Ghafoor
  3. 1881-1915

    S.Abdul Hameed
  4. 1916-Present

    S.Abdul Khaliq